Helping clients globally with leadership transitions in a changing world

We have a proven leadership advisory approach to executive succession, leadership search and assessment, as well as organizational performance, culture, transformation and diversity. Our groundbreaking competency and assessment framework, Leadership Span, powers Russell Reynolds Associates’ leadership advisory work to help organizations achieve enhanced performance.

In today’s fast-paced and uncertain world, leaders face unprecedented challenges. They need to navigate through volatility while staying focused on strategy, performance and culture. To do this, they not only need to have a broad range of skills, they need to know when to use them. Our leadership advisory approach is designed to help organizations reduce the risk associated with selecting executives for leadership positions. Our unique framework, Leadership Span, helps increase the predictability of durable C-suite success.

At Russell Reynolds, we:

•          Partner with you to identify your leadership needs, assess your leaders and help you find the best people for your organization

•          Bring relevant insights and learnings from across the globe, so you can be prepared for what is coming

•          Understand your culture and organization deeply so we can create tailored solutions that are just right for you